“We must all become and remain fashionable”. Rimbaud thus emphasized what characterizes the rise of both science and art, that is, the perpetual movement, the change, what we call progress in science and the art of avant garde, which is, therefore, always an innovation in the unstoppable evolution of human creation.
(Eleni Glykatzi – Arveler,Culture and Hellenism)
aenao from the Greek word αέναος (aénaos)  which means  an unlimited duration, perpetual, ceaseless.
This projects feels like a part of me and my intense feeling of a deep affection for art and design. My name is Ageliki Xynogala and I am an Interior and Textile Designer. For many years I have experimented in different forms of art which now led me to have silk as my canvas. My point of view has always been the same, quality integrity and freedom in innovation. Εach design I create has its own story, characters & inspiration, a specific moment, a second sight, an emotion, a mistake or all together or nothing. I have an interest in people, social relationships and diversity. I am struggling to figure out how someone doesn’t accept and protect uniqueness. I am always surrounded by people, they truly exist in my life. They are in my drawing, and always in my thoughts. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a man or a woman, besides it’s not clear in my drawings. It doesn’t matter if his or hers appearance doesn’t hold up to social standard, besides it’s not clear in my drawings. It doesn’t matter if he or she has a different skin colour, besides it’s not clear in my drawings. I care about having a pure soul, look directly into each others eyes, seek the truth, become a better person.
Maybe for you it’s just “putting some colours” on your neck, but for me every scarf has a story behind it, a feeling.  I bring life in art and I make it a product. 
You may not get this at first but when you look at it a second time, perhaps more carefully, everything will come together. Perhaps then they are different.
These  are my  characteristics in order to approach  fashion as art, breaking the gap between artwork and viewer. The attitude is to wear a piece of art. All the designs are printed on high quality silk  which are produced exclusively in Northern Greece, a small town called Soufli where silk is grown from natural silkworm cocoons and sewed traditionally by hand.